Background Information for hosting church’s bulletins, announcements, or newsletters to explain the gymanfa ganu and related traditions of the Wisconsin Welsh Weekend


Information prepared by Ann E. Lemmenes for  the April 30-May 1 Welsh Weekend:

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Suggested content and format for information to be included in the hosting church’s bulletins and newsletters:  (Someone from WGGAW will work with the hosting church to create the appropriate messages.)

About 6 weeks before the Welsh Weekend:

1. Come to Welsh Weekend hosted at the church! List of weekend events-Te_Bach-presentations, te bach (afternoon tea, pronounced tay bahk), workshops, noson lawen  (merry evening (informal volunteer variety show) pronounced know’-sen  laow’-en), eisteddfod (pronounced eye-steth’-vod) award, pub night singing (usually at another location), the gymanfa ganu (pronounced guh-mahn’-vah gah’-nee and meaning festival of (hymn) singing)–and their times.  Refer to  http://wggaw.org  for scheduled times and locations.  Everyone is enthusiastically urged to attend all weekend events.  Cost to attend the Saturday events is only $5.00 per family group or group of friends if registered in advance (go to  http://wggaw.org  for registration form and other details) or $10,00 at the door.  There is no charge for attending just the noson lawen, pub night, or the Sunday gymanfa ganu. (Picture from Te Bach Tea Rooms,  https://www.facebook.com/TeBachTeaRooms?fref=ts  .)

2.  Compete in the Welsh Weekend Eisteddfod (Writing competition)! OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Explain that an eisteddfod (eye-steth’-vod) is a writing competition (in Wales it entails writing a piece in Welsh in a specific form of poetry on a specified theme) and that our Welsh Weekend it will be a writing contest on the year’s chosen theme in the form of a short essay or poem in English or Welsh.   The prize, following the tradition of  the National Eisteddfod of Wales, is a chair.  (Elfryn Thomas, winner of the chair in 2013, is shown with his chair at left.)   Entries must be submitted by email by a deadline date so the winner can be chosen.  Give deadline and address for submission or refer to http://wggaw.org/eisteddfod  .  Note:  To be celebrated as the chosen bard and receive the award, the writer must be present at the ceremony.

3.   Join in at the Noson Lawen! Note that all–individuals or groups–are encouraged mot only  to attend the noson lawen but also to contribute to the informal “merry evening” program with musical performance, jokes, readings, etc.

4.   Dewch, canwn i’r Arglwydd! / Come, let us sing to the Lord! All are Peniel_14_backinvited to attend the gymanfa ganu ( guh-mahn’-vah  gahn’-nee) on Sunday.  Although some of the singing will be in Welsh, the director will assist everyone not familiar with Welsh to help them pronounce the lyrics.   A lavish afternoon tea–the te bach–is served after the singing session.

Repeat all the messages each Sunday until last Sunday before the eisteddfod deadline.

Repeat messages 1, 3, and 4 each succeeding Sunday until the Sunday before the weekend.

Repeat message 4 on morning of the gymanfa ganu.